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Market trends

Market trends


Lisbon first, then Porto, more recently, have become the hottest Technological Hubs in Europe.
This trend has proven beneficial to the less expressive areas in Lisbon and Porto, where warehouses and abandoned factories have become perfect locations for renowned international brands in the Technology area.
Once it is that ensured markets represent easy access to new talents, the perfect working environment for technological companies will implicate modern, generous spaces with high ceilings, plenty of light and access to public transportation.
For investors, this has proven to be an appealing business opportunity, allowing for the quick transformation of pre-existing buildings into units tailored to tenants’ needs. Rehabilitation costs are relatively low and profitability is high, as a result of favourable long-term lease contracts.
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What is it?
Coliving is a real estate concept of shared housing for people who are seeking a sense of community and who are interested in collaborative economy and a healthy lifestyle.
Who is it for?
It is targeted at ‘digital nomads’, young freelancers who do not depend on a specific location to work or run a business. This concept is also popular with students, as long as areas are close to university campuses and there is access to public transportation
How does it work?
Initially, it involved the transformation/rehabilitation of pre-existing spaces, with a considerably lower construction cost when compared to property developments. It also ensured very interesting profitability rates. 
These spaces have recently been marketed under the property development badge, which means they are new buildings which are the outcome of highly economical project developments, tailored to their occupiers’ needs.    
Target audience
Initially, they were improvised functional Coliving programmes, and projects were promoted by local investors.
Today they are global-scale projects, developed in major cities by institutional investors operating through digital platforms and under professional management.
This concept has proven to be an excellent business opportunity, with high profitability levels.

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Cohousing – Why?
In a way, it all boils down to making the world a better place. Concepts such as connection, sustainability, safety and community support are what attract friends and families to cohousing.

A new lifestyle, perfect for like-minded people who are interested in connecting with others, in stimulating continued and supported growth and who would like to experience life as part of a community where people share the same ideals.

Cohousing is an aspirational lifestyle. It is proven to stimulate happiness and ease in our lives.

People share friendships, knowledge and even a community vegetable garden.

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