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Twin Villa V3 - Quinta Marques Gomes with Sea and Douro River views
No. of Rooms 3
No. of WCs 3
Garages 4
Useful Area 207
Outdoor Area 883
Price1.500.000 €
Twin Villa V3 - Quinta Marques Gomes with Sea and Douro River viewsQUINTA MARQUES GOMES is a private condominium with a unique architectural character. All of the Villas were designed with plants, shrubs and outdoor paintwork in organic shades, carefully selected to promote harmony and to minimise the visual impact of the buildings.The priority is to offer different, innovative solutions, with a minimum of visual density, and with this providing for practical living adapted to the new standards of modern housing.More comfortable housing, where there is a balance between design, the functionality of each area and integration to its surrounding space, thus allowing quality of life to be enjoyed to the fullest.We have several architectural project options for you to choose from. These will then be customised and adapted to meet your needs and requirements. A healthy design atmosphere, although where every property is assured its own individuality, taking into consideration and reflecting each individual owners needs and interests.TWIN VILLASThese houses have a balanced, functional design and are located on the highest part of the land, overlooking the horizon and all the landscape from Arrábida Bridge to the endless Atlantic Ocean.Twin Villas have also the option to be customized, which means you can choose the solution that is best suited to your lifestyle.Land areas: between 434 m2 and 883 m2Gross floor area: between 207 m2 and 252 m2Parking area: variable
Ricardo Coimbra +35 191 533 333 5
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Property type  Semi-detached house
Typology T3+1
Purpose Sell
Condition Under Construction
Useful Area 207
Outdoor Area 883
County Vila Nova de Gaia
Parish -
District Porto
Reference QMG TwinVilla V3

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